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A Reading Schedule for the First Time Reader of the Bible

To assist the first time reader of the Bible, I have selected some passages so that reader can get a fairly comprehensive overview of the Bible. (A much shorter reading schedule of core Bible stories). As you read, it is helpful to ask questions about what you are reading. 

The reading schedule can be found at the bottom of this page. Passages to be read are underlined and have an asterisk to the left. The underline is actually a link to a web site where the reader can read the passage and also listen to the passage.  Listening while the text is being read is a good way to improve listening skills and pronunciation if English is not your first language.

It would take the average reader 16 hours to read the passages selected and they include approximately 22% of the Bible.  The passages with two asterisks (*) represent core Bible stories, enough to give some context to the life of Jesus, but not enough to give a good overview of the Bible.  It would take the average reader approximately two hours to read those passages.

Some Notes About the Reading Schedule

The schedule is arranged in an outline.  Each major point of the outline includes a brief summary of what is covered under that section as well as the range of scripture covered in that section, where that is practical. Each sub-point and each passage of scripture includes a brief one-sentence representation of what is covered in that passage.

The passages are presented in chronological order rather than book order.  The order follows the chronology included in "The One-Minute Bible," edited by John R. Kohlenberger III.  For example, if a Psalm was written by King David and is thought to reflect upon certain events in his life, that Psalm is placed in the reading schedule close to the historical narratives about those events.  Passages from the Prophets are near their historical settings. 

In the New Testament, selections from the four Gospels about Jesus are woven together. This follows the sequence used by Orville E. Daniel in his book "A Harmony of the Four Gospels, Second Edition" published by Baker Books.  In addition to the selected passages, brief one sentence descriptions are included to cover the other recorded facts about the life of Jesus that are not included in this reading schedule.

The Book of Acts, the historical narrative about the followers of Jesus after Jesus' return to heaven, are followed by readings from the Epistles, which are letters written by some of Jesus' followers to help explain the significance of Jesus life, death, and resurrection and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

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